Our frequently asked questions

We have created some answers to questions, which we are commonly asked and added them into the relevant sections below. We hope that you are able to find the information that you are looking for, but if you would prefer to speak to a member of our team please call us on 01768 890 781.

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How do I sell?

We sell a wide variety of items at auction from good quality modern furniture to fine art and antiques.

The first step is for us to value your items and advise whether and for how much we think we can sell your items for.

You can bring your items along to our saleroom.

For our Interiors & Clearance sales and Collectors Carousel auctions, we accept items the week before the sale, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.  Please note that occasionally we fill up pretty quickly with items from deliveries and house clearances, so if you’re not sure if we still have room, please ring us on 01768 890 781.

For the curated auctions, we would prefer items to be consigned a few weeks earlier than our normal auction deadline so we have time to catalogue them.  Please ring the office on 01768 890 781 for more details.

Alternatively, use our handy valuation form for a free, no obligation valuation. Click here to be linked to a page which contains the valuations form.

If you would like to proceed to sale based on our valuation, we will receipt you for your items and hold them in our storage facilities prior to sale, entering them into the most suitable auction.

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