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Selling - Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Vendors


Penrith Farmers’ & Kidd’s (subsequently referred to as PFK) charge commission on goods sold, our standard rate being 18% + VAT. In addition, we charge a lot fee on each lot that we offer for sale for you, which is payable whether the lot sells or not. We charge £2 + VAT per lot included into our  auctions.


If required, we are able to offer collection of goods and delivery to our saleroom. We charge on a time/cost basis for this service at a rate of £40 + VAT per hour.


All items consigned to us for sale are insured whilst they are in our care and, should the worst happen, we shall pay you either i) the reserve price agreed with our agent ii) the mid-range of the auction estimate agreed with our agent iii) the likely value as determined by a reputable expert (appointed by us) should no estimate have been agreed

Unsaleable Items

We will give you our honest opinion regarding the saleability of items. Not all items are saleable and we reserve the right to refuse to include any items into our auctions should we not feel that we stand a good chance of selling the items for you.

Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture made after 1950 must bear fire safety labels to comply with Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988 legislation and vendors are requested to ensure that their upholstered furniture meets the regulations before instructing us to sell. We are unable to sell items without fire safety labels.

Electrical Items

All electrical items are PAT tested to comply with Trading Standards legislation. We charge £3 + VAT per item for a PAT test. Consequently, we do not accept electrical items for sale below a £10 threshold value.

Gold & Silver Items

In order to be sold as gold and silver, all gold and silver items must bear full UK hallmarks in order to comply with Hallmarking Act 1973. Items not properly hallmarked are described as yellow or white metal.


Vendors shall receive a written receipt for goods consigned for all sales. This shall be deemed by PFK to be the vendor’s consent for the items to be sold via auction.

Withdrawal from auction

Should you decide to withdraw your item from auction after we have begun marketing the item for you, we reserve the right to charge you, typically 10% + VAT of the lower estimate of the item.

Condition Reports

These are intended as an impartial aid to the buyer, and as such attempt to accurately disclose the state of the item. Restoration and repair will be highlighted and vendors should be aware that their items will be honestly assessed (these reports should not be regarded as criticism). Most damage will be pointed out to vendors at the valuation stage as obviously sale value is affected

Your responsibilities

As agents for sale, we facilitate the establishment of contracts between you and the buyer of your items. As such, you have a responsibility to ensure that any information you supply to us about your item is accurate. In addition, in agreeing to sell with us and signing our consignment form, you confirm that you are the unencumbered owner (or the appointed agent for the owner) of the item(s) that we are offering for sale for you, able to pass on full legal title to the buyer and that you indemnify us against any liability should it subsequently be proven that you are not the unencumbered owner (or agent for the owner).

Sale Day(s)

Vendors are most welcome to attend viewing and sale days. Vendors may remove unsold items during the sale (where convenient – i.e. not furniture) provided they show a sales sheet to the porters (available from the office).

Payment & Post-Sale Advice

Vendors will be sent a statement detailing their lots and prices achieved/unsolds. Payment will be made by BACS.  This usually takes place approximately two weeks after a Carousel or Clearance auction and three weeks after a Curated auction. It is the responsibility of vendors with unsold items to contact the Saleroom to arrange the collection or re-offer (usually at a lower reserve) of unsold items – if we receive no further instructions we will assume the item is to be collected and will not re-offer the item without vendors permission.

Defaulting Buyers

We are only able to pay our vendors on receipt of payment from our buyers. In the unlikely event that a buyer does default, vendors are advised that in this circumstance we are therefore unable to pay our vendor and, typically, we will rescind the auction sale and re-offer the item at auction.

Collection of Unsold Goods

Should re-offer not be required, Vendors of Unsold Goods are requested to remove their items from our premises as soon as possible and certainly no later than 14 days after the auction that they were first offered for sale in. Goods left in our premises after this time are liable to incur storage charges, calculated at our discretion, which we shall subsequently only release to vendors on the settlement of any storage charges payable. We reserve the right to sell, without reserve, any goods left uncollected by vendors in our premises after a period of three months.

Governing Law

All PFK Terms and Conditions are governed by and subject to UK legislation. PFK has a complaints procedure.

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