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Valuations - Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions regarding valuations


Penrith Farmers’ & Kidd’s (subsequently referred to as PFK) will advise the Client as to our opinion of value as specified by the Client.

The purpose for which the valuation is required shall be as agreed between the Client and ourselves and provided in a format as agreed between ourselves and the Client.

Any valuation provided by PFK shall be within the context of the terms agreed between the Client and PFK and is only fit for the specified purpose and current only on the day of valuation

Any valuation provided by PFK is a statement of our opinion only

Clients should be aware that valuation of fine art, antiques and decorative items is not an exact science and that value is often a subjective matter. 

Valuations requiring external/out of office visits

When agents working on behalf of PFK visit Clients’ homes and properties for valuation purposes, Clients undertake to ensure that premises afford our agents a safe working environment. Specifically, Clients undertake to the best of their ability that:

Properties are structurally sound, free from major hazards

Any animals on the property (specifically dogs) are either good natured or under control

Any items that are to be valued are accessible and in a safe condition to be inspected

Whilst our staff will use due care and diligence in their work, Clients should be aware that any failure to ensure our agents are afforded a safe working environment will be taken seriously with legal advice sought where necessary

Payment for our Services

Typically, we send our Clients invoices for our services, payable no later than 14 days on receipt.

Typically, we charge on a time/cost basis at a rate of £100 p/hour + VAT, to a limit of £500 + VAT per day

Agreement To Terms

In proceeding with obtaining a Valuation from PFK, Clients consent to our Terms as detailed above.

Governing Law

All PFK Terms and Conditions are governed by and subject to UK legislation. PFK has a complaints procedure.

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