About Us

At PFK Auctioneers, our Ethos is simple: We Care

We Care About
* Client Service
* Results
* Art & Antiques, Design & Knowledge
* Charity, WE’RE proud to support local charities
* Our Beautiful & Diverse Region

We know there are many options when it comes to selling your art, antiques, jewellery and decorative items: ranging from other auction houses to online only sales. Indeed, the marketplace is crowded with so-called experts, jazzy websites and slick marketing. Often it seems a new firm is launching every month!

What we often hear again and again, however, from clients who have tried other options and come to us are stories relating to a lack of client service, arrogance and poor attitudes. We often hear about auction houses who have ‘cherry picked’ the best items but don’t want to deal with the rest of the items or house clearance, leaving vendors with the task of trying to find someone else to solve the problem. We also often hear about other local auction businesses turning away clients with items for sale, stating that they are full up!

In summary, we often hear of clients’ experiences with companies who clearly don’t care, companies who often promised the earth and delivered very little.

That’s the difference and this is where we excel – we do care.

Yes we have a superb 1500 square metre saleroom, better than many of our competitors, conveniently located just off J40 M6 and every one of the 25,000 lots a year we sell is marketed with internet bidding. As part of PFK plc, we’ve been trading since 1876. We regularly sell superb items in auction, a recent highlight being an early 19th Century watercolour of Trinidad selling for £27,000. We are always able to accept auction entries – due to the way we efficiently run our extensive storage facilities – and we also offer complete house clearance too, selling machinery, tools and everyday household items: a complete service which not many auction houses offer.  We call it ‘total auctioneering’ and it’s a service you can rely on.

But what truly distinguishes us from the competition is our ethos.

We know that selling art, antiques, jewellery and decorative items is often not simply about a commercial transaction: sales of these objects are for a reason, often due to a bereavement or personal difficulty. Downsizing can also be a momentous and emotional decision. Even if a sale is simply for a change around at home, everyone deserves to be treated with courtesy, respect and given high quality service: this comes as standard at PFK.

Buyers too can expect this same level of service: we are straightforward, honest, friendly and professional to deal with and we will always do our utmost for you.

There are other auction houses and then there’s us: We Care.




Meet the team

The Ultimate Auction Company

Michael Roberts B.A. (Hons) HEAD OF DEPARTMENT, AUCTIONEER & VALUER 01768 890 781 michaelroberts@pfkauctions.co.uk

Michael leads our team having spent 10 years as Director, auctioneer and valuer at a major South East firm, as well as having appeared on BBC Bargain Hunt over a period of seven years. One of his career highlights is a 'White Gloves' (100% sold) auction of Natural History in 2014. A general valuer with specialisms in jewellery, antiquarian books, fine art, antique rugs and carpets, wine and furniture, Michael heads up our 'Fine & Rare' sales, as well as conducting Probate & Insurance valuations and managing overall business operations.

Sales & Valuations

Simon Thompson SALEROOM MANAGER, CATALOGUER & VALUER 01768 890 781 simonthompson@pfkauctions.co.uk

Simon is responsible for the running of our busy Fortnightly Interiors auctions, valuing and cataloguing everything from jewellery to wardrobes, as well as managing overall logistics of the department. With 15 years service for PFK, Simon brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this crucial role.

Office & Accounts

Sarah Mulheron OFFICE MANAGER 01768 890 781 sarahmulheron@pfandk.co.uk

Sarah holds a crucial role in our business, managing our busy office and accounts. With over 25,000 lots a year passing through our saleroom, Sarah's administrative skills are put to good test! Contact Sarah for administrative, payment and post/packing queries.

Zoe Antrobus OFFICE ASSISTANT 01768 890 781 zoeantrobus@pfandk.co.uk

Zoe produces our sale reports and updates social media, photographs our Fortnightly Interiors auctions and handles customer enquiries.

Haulage & Logistics

Paul Harkness PORTER 01768 890 781

Paul plays a vital role in our business, assisting clients in the saleroom (aiding collections, deliveries and sale preparation) and also organises our house clearance operations across the County. As well as this, Paul has a keen interest in firearms and assists with our Militaria and Sporting auctions.

Josie Hall PORTER 01768 890 781
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