Keeping Safe: How To Bid Online

We’re operating as business as usual, with the health and safety of our customers and staff being our priority. While we’ve taken precautions to do this, we encourage everyone to bid online.

To bid online, you need to use’s platform.

If you go to our ‘auctions’ tab on our website, here  and scroll down until you see this button

Click the link to go to our catalogue on

Click connect to auction. You’ll need to do this for each auction you want to bid online for.

If you have an account with already, sign in with your details. If not, click register and fill in your details.

You’ll be redirected to the Auction Registration page.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to read the ‘sale information’ – our terms and conditions, a brief guide to how our auctions work and FAQs.

You’ll also need to register a payment card, and a telephone number. We do not take payments off of this card automatically. At this stage it is only to verify your identity.

Once you’ve read the Ts & Cs, complete your sign up. You’re now ready to bid!



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