Our 15th May Vintage Collectables & Toys auction performed extremely well, with many toy lots exceeding their estimates, in our largest toy sale to date at over 300 lots!

The market seems especially strong for 1970’s and 1980’s toys, especially dolls.

The most valuable lot was consigned from a vendor in Penrith. A box of vintage dolls including Barbie, Sindy, Daisy, Jane and Pippa and their retro clothes shot up on the internet at £650!

It wasn’t the only sleeper in the dolls section. Three Sasha dolls, Sasha, Gregor, Baby Gregor and two others also received plenty of competitive internet bids. Sasha dolls were produced in Germany and in the UK in the late 1960s, designed by Sasha Morgenthaler, a Swiss artist and dollmaker. Consigned from a Kirkby Stephen vendor, they sold for £650!

A case of dolls, dolls clothing and accessories brought in from a Penrith vendor also did well, selling to the internet at £480!

Four boxes of Action Force Toys brought in by a private vendor in Kirkby Stephen sold to the internet for £320!

A Palitoy Action Man ‘Action Pilot’ soared past his estimate at £130!

Various unboxed Sindy dolls including Ken and Barbie sold to the internet for £110! A box of dolls and clothes sold to the internet for £95.

Model boats did well. A Bowman Model Speedboat ‘The Snipe’ made in England by Hobbies/Bowman Models in Norfolk sold to a telephone bidder for £260! A model fishing boat on a stand sold for £120.

A PlayStation 1 with accessories and sixty-two games received a flurry of internet bids, one winning out at £170!

A box of assorted toy cars sold to the internet for £95. A boxed Dinky 504 Foden 14 ton wagon ‘Mobil Gas’ sold for £90.

If you have any toys or collectables you want to sell with us, please give us a call on 01768 890 781 or email for a free valuation.


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