Our 17th October auction featuring Wines and Spirits did well, with quite a few surprises in store for us!

The Wines and Spirits section fetched healthy prices. A 75cl bottle of Cos D’Estournel St Estephe 1893 was our highest selling lot at £720 to a telephone bidder! Two 75cl bottles, a Chateau Leoville Poyferre St Julien 1923 and a Chateau Borgeneuf Premier Grand Cru Pomerol 1924 sold for £380 to the same buyer.

The same buyer also snapped up numerous lots successfully. Three 75cl bottles of Cos D’Estournel St Estephe 1924 sold for £580. Two 75cl bottles of Chateau Lagrange St Julien 1943 featuring Government import labels sold for £150.  A 75cl bottle of Chateau Latour Grand Vin Pauillac 1965 sold for £160. A bottle of Chateau Climens Barsac Sauternes 1959 sold for £120.

A bottle of Heidsieck & Co Reims 1952 Dry Monopole Champagne sold for £75.

A bottle of Little Mill Malt Scotch Whisky in its original box captured the internet’s attention, racing past its estimated £50-80 at £380!

A printed glass Black & White Whisky advertising decanter and stopper sold for £100 to an internet bidder.

Silver is performing well, as per our recent sales. A pair of cased silver dishes sold for £60 to a room bidder. A Victorian silver teapot by Henry Atkins shot past its estimated £120-130 at £260 to an internet bidder! Two white metal mounted 19th Century Indian watercolour miniatures, depicting temple scenes, possibly Meenakshi Temple in Tamil Nadu, Southern India did well. They sold collectively for £250 to an internet bidder from India!

The miscellaneous section fetched healthy prices! A heavy cavalry sword sliced through its £40-60 estimate at £110. A marble pedestal dish was a sleeper in this sale! It shot past its £20-30 estimate at £700 to an internet bidder! A Tiche porcelain five branch Candelabra sold for £350 to a commission bidder. From a local house clearance, a 19th Century French clock, garniture and domes sold for £500. Three mineral samples displayed under glass domes shot past the estimated £30-50 at £110 to a room bidder!

A set of books by Edmund Lodge, Portraits of Illustrious Personages dated 1825-1832 sold for £170 to an internet bid, well above the £60-80 estimate. An early Herbert Terry Anglepoise lamp attracted plenty of internet bids, exceeding the £40-60 estimate at £190! A pair of Victorian Ecclesiastical candlesticks sold for £130. A set of Hedge master step ladders shot past the estimated 30-50 at £140.

Most popular amongst the rugs was a Shiraz rug, selling to the internet for £140.

In the paintings section, a signed L.S. Lowry Print His Family with ELC blind stamp from a local house clearance sold for £600 to an internet buyer.

Furniture is fetching healthy prices! A late Victorian/Edwardian inlaid rosewood davenport sold for £360. A 19th century H&S French Brass Bed, which was featured in an exhibition shot past its £30-50 estimate at £170 to an internet bid. A wooden builder’s cart branded H Weightman of Wilford attracted plenty of interest, selling for £130 to a room bidder.

An Edwardian inlaid settee upholstered with foliate and fauna patterned material sold to a commission bid at £280. Following on the success in our recent sales, a Stressless suede recliner and footstool sold for £100. Three cottage wooden doors shot past the estimated £30-40 at £160.

A wrought iron garden bench estimated at £30-40 sold for £140 to a telephone bidder!

Our next sale will be 31st October, featuring Music and Musical Instruments. Entries are accepted 19th, 22nd – 24th October.

We hope to see you then!


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