Our 23rd January Winter Sports, Exploration, Interiors & Clearance auction fetched healthy prices with quite a few surprises!

The highest selling lot was a framed and signed photograph of NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong. It was given to the former owner in 1976 by a relation of Neil Armstrong who lived in Penrith, and had met the astronaut when visiting America. It received a flurry of internet bids, selling at £520!

The large single owner collection of mountaineering and Cumbrian interest books sold well at a collective £2,500. The most popular of which were two volumes of The Imperial Gazetteer by W.G. Blackie, together with the companion volume The Imperial Atlas at £280 to the internet!  An Authentic Account of the Occupation of Carlisle in 1745 by George Gill Mounsey sold for £90 to the internet.

Mountaineering and climbing equipment sold well, including a High-Altitude sleeping bag and other shot up on the internet at £180, and a pair of Serel snow boots at £75, as well as North Face and Kelly Hansen jackets all selling well.

From a local vendor, 30 Chromolithographs of UK & Ireland dated 1879 sold for £110! 33 Victorian maps of the world dated 1882-1897 sold for £90.

Jewellery proved popular. A delicate Edwardian seed pearl choker necklace sold to the internet for £180. Amber beads weren’t far behind at £170. A lot of various misc jewellery proved popular with the room at £160. Two silver and tortoiseshell trinket boxes sold to the room for £150.

Miscellaneous items did well. Sourced from a vendor in Dufton, a pair of Victorian gilded blue glass vases of Mannerist design, both with some damage sold to a commission bid for £320! A Victorian Officers Dress Sword by F.W. Flight sold for £220 to the internet.  Consigned from a vendor in Plumpton, a pair of deer antlers mounted on an oak shield sold for £120 to the internet! An unusual East Persian/Turkmenistan rug sold for £220 after a flurry of internet bids.

Following on from the success of the Waltzer boards in our last sale, the two hand-painted examples did well at £120 to the room. A Victorian cased taxidermy display of partridges proved popular with an internet buyer at £110! A vintage wooden railway porters trolley sold for £110. An Oak Art Nouveau small wall cabinet sold to the room for £100. A slipware bird whistle proved popular with the room at £100. A quantity of old gold theatre curtains did well at £100.

Most valuable among the furniture, a French side table captured the internet’s interest at £500!

Consigned from a vendor in Penrith, a Victorian oak dresser and rack wasn’t far behind at £460!

The most successful items came from a single house clearance in Cockermouth. A Scandinavian teak cabinet sold for £400 to an online buyer! A 1950s yellow painted kitchen cabinet and kitchen table achieved £240! A pair of Scandinavian rosewood coffee tables received plenty of pre-sale interest, selling for £150! A late Victorian mahogany break front bookcase proved popular with the internet at £200.

Sourced from a Penrith vendor, a Globe Wernicke oak four tier stacking bookcase did well at £320! From the same vendor, a pine kitchen cupboard sold for £120.

A Wood Bros sofa and cushions sold to the room for £220! Three lots of 6 metal framed folding chairs did well, collectively selling for £250! A Victorian glazed oak bookcase 592 sold for £200.

Our next sale is Valentines Jewellery, Silver & Wristwatches, followed by Interiors & Clearance 6th February. Entries are invited 28th-30th January.

We hope to see you for our next sale!


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