Advertising & Industrial Design

People collect and are passionate about vintage and antique items for reasons including a love of art, design and social history. Advertising & Industrial Design items encapsulate these qualities perfectly – with some of the most effective artwork ever produced being Advertising – artwork specifically created to capture our attention, imagination and, most importantly, money! A perfect recent example of this is our ¬£4,600 sale of a very rare ‘British Dominions Insurance’ enamel sign – a fantastic blend of artwork, capitalism and psychology – the use of a dramatic image to capture our attention and engage with the brand.

The Advertising market is booming, as is that for Industrial Design. In recent years, there has been a growing realisation that many items made for factory, workshop and commerical settings are superb – well made, well designed and, in the current market, can fit well in contemporary eclectic interiors. Items as haberdashery counters, work chairs and benches are all in demand and here at PFK Auctioneers we sell more than our fair share!

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