Musical Instruments & Vinyl Records

There is a strong demand for antique and good quality musical instruments at at PFK. Recent sales include a Bluthner boudoir grand piano for £3,000, a Bechstein Model A upright piano for £400 and multiple violins for significant sums too – not least a rare example by Jeffrey J Gilbert of Peterborough that sold for £3,100! Given that the violin had sat in a garage for several years, the vendors were delighted!

Vinyl records and vintage Hi-Fi equipment have made comeback in the last few years and we sell a large volume of these items regularly. With vinyl records, the value is in the rare editions in good condition, with sleeves and inserts perfect. With Hi-Fi equipment, top marques such as Bang & Olufsen, Technics and Bose (together with those now defunct) are those that attract the demand and best prices from buyers.

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